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TPATM by Airdog filtration technology - Ten years ago, a group of engineers at Apple split off and developed and patented TPATM filtration technology, which is currently one of the most effective solutions for remediation and air purification in places where people stay. Active prevention 24/7: destruction of viruses, bacteria and aerosols.

Air quality is important

TPATM stands for Two Pole Active, active filtration, and air management, which differs from the passive technology typical of HEPA filters. The advantage of TPATM by Airdog is a unique filtration system that cannot be compared with other products. Most of the other products have built-in classic HEPA filters that stop particles larger than 300 nanometers and are therefore much less effective against many wet organisms, such as e.g. SARS-Cov2 coronavirus. The interiors of HEPA filters thus represent an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, which can multiply and be re-distributed by air currents around the room.

Let's destroy the virus instead of collecting them

It destroys viruses with micro-electrical discharges of 20,000 to 40,000 volts, and then traps them in a collector together with particles at least up to the size of a non-burnable 14.6 nanometers (taking into account the accuracy limit of the measuring instrument). It captures and destroys much smaller particles than a HEPA filter can capture. Laboratory tests have shown that TPA eliminates up to 99.99% of the influenza virus (H3N2), which is comparable in size to the coronavirus (model X8), within one hour.

Forget about changing filters

The special feature of the TPATM filter is that it does not change. All you have to do is wash it under warm water once every two to three months. The use of TPA by Airdog is not only efficient but also environmentally friendly and dynamic. When you buy it, you won't have any additional costs with it, except for the consumption of electricity, which is minimal mainly due to the free air flow.

Environmentally friendly device with ozone protection

TPATM by Airdog devices help us preserve our planet. There is always only one filter in Airdog devices, which we clean ourselves with warm water. In accordance with strict US environmental protection tests, the California Environmental Protection Agency (CARB) has certified that TPA by Airdog does not emit detectable amounts of ozone (less than 0.01 PPM) during its operation.

Tehnical specifications


Traditional U-VC lamps , so-called direct irradiation, are great for fighting bacteria or viruses, but their disadvantage is that you can’t stay indoors during operation, as they are harmful to the skin and eyes. The solution is UV-C portable mobile air sterilizers with a strong biocidal effect.

The UVGI-80 device has 5 UV-C lamps built into the housing and enables flow – air sterilization up to 800 m 3/h.

Tehnical specifications


We only use UV-C lamps from reputable companies with a lifespan of 8000 h . Efficient fans ensure fast air exchange, and sterilizers are equipped with a carbon filter , which initially cleans the air of major pollutants, including dust and odors.

For all MATI devices we offer 2-year warranty. Consumption is from 220 W /h to 260 W/h

Tehnical specifications


Uporabljamo samo UV-C sijalke uglednih podjetij, ki imajo življenjsko dobo 8000 h. Učinkovita ventilatorja zagotavljata hitro izmenjavo zraka, sterilizatorji pa so opremljeni z ogljikovim filtrom, ki na začetku očisti zrak večjih onesnaževanj, vključno s prahom in vonjavami.

Za vse naprave HORACY nudimo 2-letno garancijo. Poraba je od 220 W/h do 260 W/h


What properties should ventilation systems have

Frequently Asked Questions

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Answers to the most common questions related to UV-C lamps.

YES, during the operation of our devices, the presence of persons in their immediate vicinity is allowed!

p>The appliance uses high-intensity ultraviolet germicidal lamps (short-wave ultraviolet radiation).

Air disinfection with UV-C devices ensures a high 99.9% microbiological purity of the air. This prevents or. we reduce the possibility of transmission of viruses and other influences for the transmission of infections.

UV-A radiation t.i. long radiation band 400 nm – 315 nm.UV-A radiation reaches the Earth along with sunlight. Due to the long wave, it penetrates deep into the dermis – subcutaneous tissue. UV-A causes the so-called instant tan, which is visible after a short time of exposure. Direct tanning lasts only a few hours.

Mainly radiation from the group UV-B t.i. mid-wavelength radiation 315 nm – 280 nm. UV-B radiation is used primarily in medical therapy. It produces provitamin D. UV-B radiation is responsible for the formation of so-called delayed tanning, which lasts much longer. Exposure to UV-B radiation can cause skin pigmentation and an erythematous effect (burnt skin).

Type UV-C radiation has a strong disinfectant effect. Shortwave UV-C radiation 280 nm – 100 nm. It causes many skin burns (erythematous effect) as well as conjunctivitis. As a rule, UV-C radiation does not reach the earth’s surface, as it is absorbed by the ozone layer in the atmosphere.


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