two-pipe ventilation system

Airdoo 10

Airdoo 10 innovative invisible local two-pipe ventilation system provides you with an optimal microclimate for always fresh air without opening windows.

Your home is free of drafts, unpleasant odors, and free of external noise, and last but not least, get rid of annoying insects; ventilation by constantly opening and closing windows will become a thing of the past, and fresh air your future!

Energy savings

The process of heat exchange between warm - exhaust air, and cold - fresh air or vice versa, takes place in the core of the heat exchanger. In this way, the Airdoo system returns most of the waste energy back to the room. Airdoo thus helps you save money, as the costs of heating or cooling are lower, and your premises will always be ventilated.


Even with the window closed, the Airdoo local two-pipe ventilation system provides controlled ventilation with a constant two-way airflow.

Reduces the content of allergenic particles

The Airdoo local two-pipe ventilation system is equipped with a F7 filter, which also filters pollen and pm10 particles, which are main source of pollution. Your allergy symptoms will thus be considerably alleviated and eliminated.

Rehabilitation & prevention of mold

Airdoo local two-pipe ventilation system with controlled ventilation with constant two-way air flow ensures that moisture will not remain in the room, but will be removed with dirty air.

Slovenian knowledge

Airdoo local two-pipe ventilation system is fully developed and manufactured in Slovenia and won a silver award for innovation.

Tehnical specifications

Provide fresh air in your rooms

The AIRDOO recuperator is powered by two powerful and durable motors , which ensure a long service life of the system. The recuperation core is made of quality aluminum and protected against moisture and corrosion. All materials used are anti-allergenic and antibacterial.

Smart two-pipe system

Airdoo 10 Smart

The upgrade includes an air quality sensor: CO2, humidity and temperature (VOC) sensor, autonomous operation, and a mobile and web application that shows you the current state of your home in a simple and friendly way, the current weather at your location and weather forecast. It also monitors the cleanliness of the filter; A reminder will remind you to replace it.

You can use the app to control your device remotely – anywhere, anytime. Also set your own timer and adjust it to your schedule or just check the humidity and air quality in the room.

Possibilities of use

Installation of a ventilation system is possible everywhere!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Answers to the most common questions related to a two-pipe ventilation system.

Recuperative ventilation ensures an optimal microclimate in the room, as the air is always fresh, and the result of recuperative ventilation is a room free of odors, excessive moisture, and consequently mold. Recuperative ventilation is also recommended for allergy sufferers and people with respiratory disorders, as the F7 filter ensures that pollen and pm10 particles do not enter the room (in winter).

Recuperative ventilation also saves energy, as opening windows is no longer necessary, which further contributes to burglary security.

For a healthy and pleasant stay, a humidity of 45 to 55% is recommended. In winter, during the heating period, it can be as high as 30%. Too dry air is unpleasant, as it irritates us, forces us to cough and can also be dangerous for certain groups of people – especially lung patients and infants and young children. The other extreme is too high a percentage of humidity, above 60%, when we start to develop mold on interior surfaces.

The Airdoo 10 recuperator is operated using a remote control and an application if you decide to upgrade (Airdoo 10 Smart).

Recuperator maintenance only requires filter replacement. The change interval depends on the application, filter type, and air pollution. The Airdoo local two-pipe ventilation system with heat recovery is designed so that you do not need special tools to change the filters.

Under the Eco Fund, you are entitled to a subsidy of 20% (up to the use of funds) when purchasing and installing 1 piece of Airdoo 10 ventilation system.

You can read more about the procedure for exercising the right to a subsidy on the official website Eco Fund .

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